PRO Seal

The perfect protection to stop dirt from sticking

No doubt you're familiar with this scenario: just as you've finished cleaning your house, there are already areas where you can see dust, streaks, or limescale or grease residues. We've learned to live with it, but it doesn't have to be this way! With our new, revolutionary PRO Seal surface protector, your apartment will keep that freshly cleaned look for days.
And the best thing part: regular use will make your next clean effortless! And, of course, just like you've come to expect from us, PRO Seal works without any toxic chemical additives!

PRO Seal is the perfect surface protector for any surface. It effectively cleans surfaces down to every nook and cranny using natural, environmentally friendly silicon while also preventing a significant amount of any new build-up of dirt or impurities. Dirt, limescale, grease, and much more will remain "lying", so to speak, on top of the surface without penetrating any deeper, which means they can be cleaned faster and with less effort; our product will also dry out any germs.
Whether you're cleaning glass, mirrors, tiles, ceramic, or wood, stone, stainless steel or car paint – you'll have the right product for any material. PRO Seal and PRO Seal Glass will give your surfaces the perfect seal and care.

The silicon molecules in PRO Seal stick to the capillaries of your surfaces electrostatically and seal them in a breathable way to provide dry, solid surface protection. This ensures that dirt or impurities can no longer penetrate through. Residues of all kinds will also no longer stick to the treated surface.

An overview of PRO Seal's advantages:

  • No dirt build-up
  • Perfect protection against environmental conditions
  • Less cleaning needed
  • More efficient cleaning
  • Remove stubborn dirt with ease
  • More hygienic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very productive
  • Save heaps of time

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Before using PRO Seal, make sure that the surface is totally clean and free from any grease or chemical residues. To ensure the treatment is effective, micro-dry steam must be applied beforehand. This guarantees that PRO Seal will be able to penetrate deep into the capillaries and thus adhere to the surface better and for a longer period of time.

An important component for modern cleaning

This means that using PRO Seal to clean your surfaces is the best, quickest and simplest solution for a perfect, long-lasting clean. It offers optimal protection for all surfaces in addition to faster and easier cleaning. You'll receive a high standard of hygiene while your surfaces and furniture are both better protected and retain their value for longer. You'll also be making a significant contribution to both the health of your home or business and the protection of the environment. Toxic chemical residues which can cause illness and irritation of the mucous membranes as well as the respiratory organs and skin are eliminated, as is toxic waste water and plastic waste produced by countless other cleaning agents.

Our special PRO Seal surface finish can be used on all solid materials. Monomeric silicon Si14 is applied in a thin layer (10¯9), which means that, instead of "clogging up" the pore-like structure when you're treating the surface, the surface structure will be encased in silicon molecules. This means the surface will retain its original properties: so non-slip stays non-slip, matt stays matt, and glossy stays glossy.
At the same time, we're also improving hygiene as pathogenic germs, fungi, bacteria and viruses won't be able to find a suitable breeding ground on the surface material, causing them to "dry out" on the surface.

Cleanness for a lifetime!